How to know when It’s time to repair your roof

Do you remember the last time you checked your roof? I bet it has been a couple of months already, unless you have your ladder kept on the backyard. Even though there’s no need for you to inspect your rooftops from time to time, it is very helpful that you take into consideration the signs which led you to the thought of replacing it as soon as possible.  But in any cases, you feel you need an expert help with regards to maintaining and repairing your roof never hesitate to give Columbia roofing services a call.

The following tips will help you maintain a good condition roof:

Things to Consider

It is very important to know your roof age before you go on looking outside for warning signs. When was the last time you had replaced your roofing? By knowing this, it will be easy for you to decide whether you just need to repair it or have it replaced. After knowing the maturity of your roof, the next step is to begin inspecting it with your bare eyes. Doing this from time to time will save you from further serious damages since you’ll apparently observe each difference.

If you want to have the record, you can use a record book and take down every detail you observe when surveying.

Cracked or looping roof

When you see your roof already cracked or looped, it has come to its end of lifespan. Roofings exposed to raspy weather condition can cause it to be easily flown away. You need to replace your roof immediately when you see equitable loopings or cracks rather than repairing it.

Missing or Broken

Roofs protect your home and help shed rain water. Broken or missing roof tops can cause serious problems in the later time. When it rains, and you have your roof broken, this will leave susceptible water ways which can result to the over flowing of water in your home. When this happens, its time for you to replace it.

Twisted Roof

Twisted roofs are highly vulnerable to ice and wind destruction, just like those of missing or broken. With this, roofings can be torn easily. When do you know that you have twisted roof? You would observe a wavy- like malformation that normally runs up the roof slope and vertically. Twisted roofs are mainly caused by defective or wet underlayment.

Moist and Dark

Discolored roofing’s results from trapped water under or throughout the area. Remember that roofs are designed to keep your home dry and having dark roofs could mean that your shelter protection is now unsafe to use. The problem is probably within the upper roof that it caused water to run below a particular spot.

Gritty Gutters

Do you see some rough black sand within you gutters? These granules are in fact pieces of your teared roof. When roofings start to age, the asphalt and other material compound starts to shed and in due course turn out to be in your watercourse. when you observe some sandy- like particles on your gutters, you need to have your roof inspected, and you then start to decide whether to call someone to repair it or have it replaced over- all.

The roofs make our shelter more comfortable to live on, and it’s not a waste to spare some time making sure it’s on the best condition.

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