Suicide: Challenges and Prevention According to WHO

According to the World Health Organization, there is an approximated number of 800 000 people who take their lives and many more individuals who have done the attempt. Every suicide incident can affect significantly the family, friends, and community, and leave a long-lasting wound. When the suicide numbers arise, this affects the whole society in general in an insidious way. In 2016, suicide was the second leading cause of death in individuals aging 15-29 years.

Methods of Suicide

According to the reports, individuals in the rural agricultural areas in low and middle-income countries use pesticide self-poisoning, and this comprises up to 20% of suicides around the globe. Other common methods used are firearms and hanging.

Being knowledgeable about the most commonly used suicide methods is one of the effective strategies for suicide prevention as we can restrict some symptomatic individual’s access to these materials and tools.


Also, when suicide happens in your property, it is best if you call BioHazMat suicide cleanup or any professional cleaning services to help you get rid of the mess after the police and the emergency take the body.

Prevention and Control

Suicide is something that we can prevent. There are many measures that can be taken population and individual levels for suicide prevention including:

  • School-based interventions
  • Reducing access to the means (pesticide, rope, medications, etc.) that can be used for suicide
  • Reporting in a responsible way
  • Training of non-specialized health workers for suicide behaviors
  • A follow-up care system of people who attempted suicide
  • Early identification and treatment of people who show signs of depression, anxiety, and suicide.
  • Alcohol policies

Suicide is a very serious topic and at the same time a very complex issue to discuss and prevent, as there are different factors that affect and provoke suicidal thoughts – personal, familial, and communal. This is why it is important that prevention efforts are taken into consideration by the different sectors in the society such as labor, education, law, justice, politics, business, and media.

The Challenges of Suicide

One of the challenges that individuals who are experiencing signs of suicidal thoughts are stigma and taboo in the community or society they belong to. This means that many people who experience distress and emotional instability and who think of taking their lives do not ask for help from friends, family, and professionals because of the fear induced by the social stigma and taboo. Suicidal prevention systems and programs become futile when the individual themselves are not seeking help because of these challenges.

What is the global response?

IN the year 2014, the WHO recognizes suicide as a public health priority and aims to increase the awareness of public health and mental health to make suicide and mental health as a priority in the global health agenda after realizing the World Suicide Report “Preventing suicide: a global imperative.” This paves the way for every country to recognize the importance of awareness towards mental health and suicide issues and incidents.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or you know someone who has some suicidal symptoms, contact an emergency as soon as possible and be present for the person.

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Wedding Transportation Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Your biggest day in your life has come and everything seems to be going perfect, until the parking lot became a disaster due to the lack of parking spaces in comparison to the number of vehicles. This is just an example of how a simple transportation mistake can lead to major problems. The following are some of the few wedding transportation oversights you need to avoid:

  1. Do Not Limit the Transportation to Just the Event

Your big day is more than just one ceremony. The couples usually tie in a reception, rehearsal dinner as well as honeymoon. Factor in the bachelor or bachelorette and engagement parties and then you quickly get several events where the people drink late at night to party. In addition to that, you should consider having a stretch SUV for hen or stag party, and booking a different vehicle such as limousine from and to the airport for your honeymoon.

  1. Do not Forget to Think About Your Guests

The planning does not at the wedding limousine. There are chances that your guest from out-of-town might not be familiar with your place and it is more likely that they will go drunk the entire night. If you still got room in your budget, giving them an event transportation such as party bus or limousine to bring them to the wedding ceremony, reception as well as back to their rooms (or maybe at a certain drop off location) will make things easier and safer. Make sure that all your guests have the local taxi company contact number.

  1. Do Your Research on Some Transportation Company

When timeless and quality matter, do not rely on the cut-rate wedding limousine service company. As a matter of fact, you should make sure the limousine service company really owns the vehicles that you will be renting because some transportation companies only rent vehicles through third party, that can make things more difficult in the event of any untoward occurrence.

A big day such as your wedding event is a day that you will be remembering your entire life and you will make sure that it is also remembered by your family and friends as well.

  1. Booking A Limo Rental

Booking a limo rental for your wedding, a prom, just a fun night out together with your close friends or any other very special event does not have to be that expensive. In fact, you can enjoy a luxury car rental even if you are on a tight budget. However, you will need to consider first some options to get what you love for the price rate you can only afford.

Whatever best limo company in Arlington you choose, you need to ensure that they will give you the best limousine that suits your taste, need as well as your budget. An event for two does not obviously need a stretch limousine, while a huge event such as a wedding ceremony needs a huge vehicle in order to accommodate all your guests.

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6 Most Common House Problems 

Even though we keep on doing our best to keep our place well-maintained, there are still troubles that happens every now and then. These household issues happen to most of us. It’s a sign that there are corners we don’t pay attention to or chores we forget to do. Somewhere out there in the corner structures in our house, is an afflicted part or thing that influences the performance of the whole system. That’s why we created this blog so we’ll tell you the most recognized and common residence problems. If you notice one of these signs, it’s time to act accordingly.

Improper Electrical Wiring 

The house’s wiring installation is a critical system, mainly because the family’s whole electrical consumption depends on this. Once the system’s diagram is no longer correct, it affects how your home equipment take the power they need in order to function. Malfunctions or system conditions like inadequate electrical service, overload protection and unsafe wiring connections can all lead to hazardous outcomes like fire.


Plumbing Problems 

Every one of us and our houses will encounter plumbing problems, from minor troubles like pipe leaks to large ones like water harm from a super damaged large pipe. Even though plumbing issues are not ranked as the number one common issue, a lot of households still experience such problems at one point. These problems are caused by incompatible pipes, and faulty waste lines and fixtures.

Roof Damage 

Another common household issue is roofing problem. Can you remember how many times you have employed Roofing Philadelphia and availed an everyday check-up and maintenance services for your roof? I guess is only few of you. This is because roof is an overlooked system of every house. Due to the fact it’s strong enough to stand on its very own and protect the house, doesn’t suggest it cannot be damaged. The issues on the roof are commonly leaks and damaged shingles and you need to hire a roofer to fix this.

Improper Surface Grading 

The next one on the list of common house problem is the drainage system. Flooding and drainage systems have been the topics of complaints by most homeowners? We lost count already of how many times it happens. Another important system that we should consider in each and every house is a proper drainage system. If you don’t have a properly installed drainage system, the water can penetrate the crawlspace and basement without difficulty. This situations leads mold growth, which is now not suitable for our health. This is the reason why it’s vital that before you build the house, the slope is appreciably considered so the water runoff will go to the other direction.

Pest Infestation

Have you been been complaining about rodents, roaches and ants coming over to your house? Yes, pest infestation made it to our list. Pests penetrates your house through the holes, gaps and cracks they see. They look for food and shelter, and this is the reason why you should clean all the leftover foods and fix the gaps and holes they might get into.

HVAC System Damage 

Another complicated system in the house is HVAC, and problems also arise inthis system too. However we are sure that if it’s well-maintained it won’t come to that point. Little things matter like cleansing the coil and filter that can affect the performance of the system.

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How to know when It’s time to repair your roof

Do you remember the last time you checked your roof? I bet it has been a couple of months already, unless you have your ladder kept on the backyard. Even though there’s no need for you to inspect your rooftops from time to time, it is very helpful that you take into consideration the signs which led you to the thought of replacing it as soon as possible.  But in any cases, you feel you need an expert help with regards to maintaining and repairing your roof never hesitate to give Columbia roofing services a call.

The following tips will help you maintain a good condition roof:

Things to Consider

It is very important to know your roof age before you go on looking outside for warning signs. When was the last time you had replaced your roofing? By knowing this, it will be easy for you to decide whether you just need to repair it or have it replaced. After knowing the maturity of your roof, the next step is to begin inspecting it with your bare eyes. Doing this from time to time will save you from further serious damages since you’ll apparently observe each difference.

If you want to have the record, you can use a record book and take down every detail you observe when surveying.

Cracked or looping roof

When you see your roof already cracked or looped, it has come to its end of lifespan. Roofings exposed to raspy weather condition can cause it to be easily flown away. You need to replace your roof immediately when you see equitable loopings or cracks rather than repairing it.

Missing or Broken

Roofs protect your home and help shed rain water. Broken or missing roof tops can cause serious problems in the later time. When it rains, and you have your roof broken, this will leave susceptible water ways which can result to the over flowing of water in your home. When this happens, its time for you to replace it.

Twisted Roof

Twisted roofs are highly vulnerable to ice and wind destruction, just like those of missing or broken. With this, roofings can be torn easily. When do you know that you have twisted roof? You would observe a wavy- like malformation that normally runs up the roof slope and vertically. Twisted roofs are mainly caused by defective or wet underlayment.

Moist and Dark

Discolored roofing’s results from trapped water under or throughout the area. Remember that roofs are designed to keep your home dry and having dark roofs could mean that your shelter protection is now unsafe to use. The problem is probably within the upper roof that it caused water to run below a particular spot.

Gritty Gutters

Do you see some rough black sand within you gutters? These granules are in fact pieces of your teared roof. When roofings start to age, the asphalt and other material compound starts to shed and in due course turn out to be in your watercourse. when you observe some sandy- like particles on your gutters, you need to have your roof inspected, and you then start to decide whether to call someone to repair it or have it replaced over- all.

The roofs make our shelter more comfortable to live on, and it’s not a waste to spare some time making sure it’s on the best condition.

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